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Message Composing could never be easier!
Product Tour
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Know what you want to say and exactly how you want to say it? You don't have to be an HTML whiz or even a graphic design expert to create eye-catching email campaigns with KMailer's built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor. KMailer allows you to include graphics, change font colors and sizes, add tables, and perform a myriad of functions. You can even spice up your HTML messages by adding fair-sounding background music or sound. It's very cool, isn't it?

And furthermore, KMailer also allows you to directly import HTML files that have been created in other HTML editors, such as Macromedia DreamWeaver and Microsoft FrontPage.

What's the best way to get visitors to your site? Get your site to them! You can even import a web page into KMailer from a URL address. Simply enter the address of your home page to send your website to their inbox!

Creating a eye-catching message could never be easier with KMailer!


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