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To create your email campaigns or distribute the online surveys, you need to create at least one contact list. So, what is contact list?

Contact list is a database that contains records and fields that store personal information about each contact. Set up as many attributes as you want, in any format.

The contact lists can store more information of your recipients than just name and email. The more information you collect, the more you can personalize your content for each recipient. You can create a brand new contact list, or import an existing contact list from external data source. KMailer can import contact lists from almost all data repositories, including text file, CSV file, Excel table, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, FoxPro, and all ODBC-capable database systems.

Contact lists

  Store more than just names and email addresses
  Support for multiple subscriber lists
  Import contact lists from TXT, CSV file
  Import contact lists from Microsoft Excel table
  Import contact lists from Microsoft Access database
  Import contact lists from any ODBC compliant databases
  Subscription Manager helps you build your own lists
  Automatic unsubscribe management
  Search and edit subscriber information
  Add or delete columns (fields) in the contact lists
  Append new contacts from external data source to existing lists
  Support splitting the contact lists view
  Customer segmentation based on demographic information



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