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KMailer is more than a bulk email sender program, it is a simple, yet powerful tool for segmented and personalized email marketing.

It works with almost all data repositories to streamline and automate the marketing campaigns workflow from customer segmentation, content merging, campaign designing to actual email distribution.

"KMailer is a customer email relationship management software for successful opt-in email marketing campaigns, subscriber list management and online surveys. You can build or import your contact lists, distribute online surveys, create and send email campaigns and more. It includes a message editor that allows you to create HTML emails from a word processor interface, as well as several template based design, that can be used and customized for your needs. KMailer includes a built-in SMTP server that can optionally be used instead of external mail servers. You can send targeted emails based on user demographics, track responses, mail merge user information in messages and more."
-- Webattack editor

Features Overview

Message Creation

Pre-defined HTML email templates
Built-in WYSIWYG rich text (HTML) editor
Support for background images/sound
Import message from a URL address
Personalize each message with unlimited fields

Direct delivery mode
Multi-SMTP-Server delivery mode
Direct delivery with backup SMTP server
IIS SMTP Service delivery mode
Avoid overloading the slow mail servers by periodic pause
Contact lists

Store more than just email addresses
Import contacts from TXT, CSV file
Import contacts from Excel & Access
Import contacts from any ODBC source
Customer segmentation based on demographic information
List Building

Helps you build your own opt-in lists
Collect more than just email addresses
supports up to 6 form elements
User-friendly sign-up form validation
Single Opt-In and Double Opt-In supported
Online Surveys

Support up to 10 question types
Support optional and required item
Use templates to design surveys
Send thanks email to respondents
Specify the deadline of a survey
Real-time Reports

Real-time campaign data collection
Number of emails opened by Day
Click-throughs by Day
Recipients who opened email
Recipients who unsubscribed
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